Idle Hotels

Project Description


IDLE HOTELS team dreams to build the unique product HOTEL BPA for the hospitality industry which wants to be the backbone for the hotel business to be intelligent, transparent, automated and easy to work from anywhere and need to be in sync with hotel operations.
Huge and rich experience of industry and technocrats involved to build the dream to a product called HOTELS BPA owned by IDLE HOTELS.

Why Hotels BPA Product?

  1. Business Intelligence and Integrates Unique Solution.
  2. Can keep updating the website booking packages to increase the sales.
  3. Integrated and Transparency in Sales
  4. Marketing made easy online.
  5. Easy Rewards to valuable customers

IDLE HOTELS – HOTELS BPA Key Consulting Services

Business Consulting Services

IDLE HOTELS consulting team is very well experienced and best understandable of hospitality industry business. The team will assist the customers to maximize and best utilization of the HOTELS BPA product and also guide the customers in how to derive a good ROI from the product utilization.

Marketing Consultation

Even though the marketing module in the HOTEL BPA product is the same for all the customers. The usage strategy of the tool will be different for each property/hotel based on the profile of the property. And also key strategy is required to build based on the location of the property w.r.t target audience.

Customized Website Development

HOTELS BPA product is having in-built website building with pre-defined free and paid templates. But every hotel will have their own taste of website and want to unique among all the properties which have to impress and welcome the guests to their hotel. And every hotel website will be built based on the business strategy.
Our product has the option to have a unique and customized website to hotel/property to inline their business strategy which can be dynamic and integrated into the Hotels BPA product.

Project Details